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Ready to rustle up some words? You’ll have to be quick on the draw to make words out of letters as they fall but don’t worry, they don’t have to be adjacent — just so they make a word. Make bigger words and the blocks will fall more slowly. As you make words you’ll be earning badges you can trade for guesses at the hangman word to get you to the next level. Other great power pieces include free guess Keys, First Aid, Gold and TNT.

How to Play
Solve the HANGMAN word. To earn guesses, make words using the blocks and get the badges to the bottom of the screen. You must also prevent the letters from reaching the top of the screen.Form words using the blocks by clicking on them in sequence. You can use any blocks in the game area (they do not need to be adjacent). To complete a word, click on the last letter again, or click the ENTER button.Special pieces are activated when they reach the bottom. These include:

Key: Reveals one of the letters in the hangman word.

Badge: Allows you to guess one letter for the hangman.

Gold: Multiplies your word score by 10! Try to get
them to the bottom when making a long word.

TNT: Blows up the bottom row of letters.

First Aid:
Heals your hangman (removes an arm, leg or head from the hangman display). Don’t waste these when there are no body parts to remove.

If you make 5 wrong guesses on the hangman word (head, 2 arms and 2 legs), the game is over. The game will also end if a block cannot be dropped onto one of the columns (the column will start to shake when you are about to lose this way).

Longer words give you more points, but they also slow down the rate at which new letters fall in. You earn these “slow drops” by making 5, 6, 7 or 8 letter words. The longer the word, the more “slow drops” you earn, so try making longer words if the game gets too fast.

You can force more letters to drop by clicking the ENTER button when no letters are selected.

You can use the BACKSPACE key to undo the last letter selected.

Each word you make is scored based on the number of letters used and which letters were used (rare letters, like X or Z, are worth more points). Get the GOLD to the bottom of the screen by forming a word, and get a 10X bonus. Every hangman word you solve results in a large bonus as well.

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