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You’re the Batter on offense and the Pitcher and Fielder on defense. Score as many points as possible and finish with at least one more point than your opponent at the end of the five (5) or seven (7) inning game.

How to Play

Place cursor near your hitter; click and hold until the Pitcher delivers a pitch. To swing, thrust mouse forward and release. The faster the thrust, the harder the swing. The red box next to the Batter is the Strike Zone – swing at pitches that are in the Strike Zone.Pitching Click on the pitch name in the upper right hand corner of the game screen to scroll through your choices, including:
– Straight
– Curve L (Ball Curves to Left)
– Curve R (Ball Curves to Right)
– Sinker (Ball Drops Down)
– Riser (Ball Rises Up)

After you’ve selected your pitch, click and hold on the area around the Batter where you want to start the pitch delivery. That point will be marked by a black crosshairs. Thrust the mouse forward. Thrust speed determines speed and amount of English on the pitch.

Keep an eye on the Stamina Meter located below the pitch selection screen. The harder your pitches, the quicker your pitcher will lose strength, which in turn will make your pitches easier to hit.

When a Batter hits your pitch you will get a Fielding View. The mouse now controls movement of your Pitcher. To catch the ball, move the Pitcher to the ball.

Two (2) outs per side
Three (3) strikes per out
Four (4) balls per walk
The Batter is out even on ground balls if the Pitcher catches the WIFFLE®
baseball before it goes past him/her.
Singles, Doubles, Triples, Home Runs and Foul Balls are determined by
where the ball lands on the ground.

– Mix up your pitches. If you keep using the same pitch, the Batter will
hit more WIFFLE® baseballs.
– Start curve balls and sinkers outside the Strike Zone. With practice
you’ll be able to hit the outside edges of the Strike Zone for more strikes.

Watch the shadow of the ball on the ground to judge its position and movement.

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