Play WarZone2

Your objective
in WarZone2 is to destroy as many enemy tanks as you can before they manage
to destroy you. Your tank is destroyed (and thus your game is over) when
the damage indicator (located in the bottom right hand corner of the screen)
reaches 100 percent.

How to Play
Tank Controls
Maneuvering your tank is pretty straightforward, use the arrow keys
to steer and drive the tank. Use the ‘T’ and ‘E’ keys to rotate your
gun turret clockwise and counter clockwise respectively. Pressing the
‘R’ key will cause your gun turret to re-center itself automatically.
Use the bar to fire your weapon. Your weapon will automatically
reload itself after firing a round. If you are using the ‘in tank’ view
(see below for info on changing your view), your aiming recticle will
turn black while you weapon is reloading, and will be white when you
are ready to fire.Radar
When you are using the ‘in tank’ view (see below for details about changing
views) you have access to a radar in the bottom left hand corner of
the screen. This will enable you to locate enemies and navigate around
buildings etc.. The radar can be zoomed in and out by pressing ‘W ‘
and ‘Q’ respectively. Items depicted on the radar screen can be identified
by the following color scheme:

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