Play War

Try to get all
52 cards in your pile.

How to Play
The cards are rated the same as their poker value with aces high. The player and dealer
each get one card. If the player’s card is higher than the dealer’s, then
the player wins even money. If vice versa, the player loses.

If both cards are the same it sparks a ‘war’. In this case, the player
can either forfeit half his bet or go to war. In war, the player doubles
his bet, then the dealer burns three cards before giving both himself
and the player a second card.

If that card beats or ties the dealer’s, then the player wins even money
on the raise and the original bet is a push. However, if the dealer’s
second card is higher, the player loses both his original bet and the
additional bet.

You can play up to 3 hands simultaneously by placing bets at all 3 locations.
After the first game, press the deal button again without placing any
bets to repeat the bets you placed in the previous game.

Note: This game is not played for real money.

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