Udder Insanity



Play Udder Insanity

A dairy farmer
tries to eke out a living while his cows have a tendency to over-produce
milk. A cow-tipper appears and hilarity ensues.

How to Play
Use the arrow keys to move
Space Bar = Action:

  • in front of a cow, the action key milks it
  • in front of the stump with the shotgun, it fires the shotgun
  • in front of “milk storage,” dumps collected milk

Don’t let cows get too full.
Don’t over-milk cows.
Dump milk bucket at the “milk storage” when full.
In order to milk faster, you may want to hold down the space bar.
Move to stump to fire gun at the cow-tipper.
If you lose too many cows (lives), the game ends…
If arrow keys don’t work, use these keys: i = up, k = down, j = left,
l = right.

Milking and the Bucket
You can only collect so much milk in your bucket before you have to
empty it at the milk storage. The amount of milk you’ve collected so
far is displayed on a meter at the bottom of the screen. Be careful
not to let the cows get too full. And don’t over-milk them either –
they don’t like it. Moderation in all things!

You only get points (or “funds”) by dumping the milk you collected into
the “milk storage.” In order to award the greedier folk out there, you
get an extra bonus for dumping a full bucket of milk.

You can only lose a certain number of cows before the cows decide to
take matters into their own hands (err hooves?). When that happens,
the game ends.

The Interloper
Oftentimes, a childish interloper will stride across the top of the
screen. You can scare him away by firing the shotgun. If he manages
to get across the screen, he’ll steal some of your funds for munchie
money, or perform one of the Midwest’s most beloved sports – cow tipping.
Unfortunately, tipped cows are so scared that they can’t produce any
more milk (this happens in real life).

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Classic, Shooting

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