Soccer Shootout



Play Soccer Shootout

Face the ultimate
duel between Striker and Goalie.

How to Play
Score as many
goals as you can until the keeper blocks five of your shots.

Setting Up The Shot
Line up the player where you want to take your shot on goal by moving
the mouse left or right. Click and hold the mouse button down and the
player will place the ball down and prepare to take the shot.

NOTE: If you decide you want to change your ball placement at this point,
simply release the mouse button without moving your mouse and reposition
your player.

Taking The Shot
Push the mouse forward and release the mouse button as it’s moving. The
speed and direction of your mouse at the time you release the button determines
kick speed, direction and loft. While the ball is traveling towards the
net, you can move the mouse left to give the ball left spin, right to
give the ball right spin, or forward to give the ball top spin.

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