Super Snack 500



Play Supersnacks500

Finish the race
in the fastest time possible!

How to Play
Click to select “Automatic” or “Manual”
MODE: Click on “Race” or “Qualify” (practice).
QUALITY: Click on “Lo” or “High” to select graphic quality. To select
your vehicle and driver, use the flashing green arrows to scroll through
the choices. Once you have selected, click “OK”.
NEW GAME: Click on the ‘NEW’ button to start a new race.
SPEED: Press the ‘UP’ and ‘DOWN’ arrow keys to select speed.
STEER: Press the ‘RIGHT’ and ‘LEFT’ arrow keys to steer.
OPTIONS: Clicking on the ‘BACK’ left arrow button will bring you back
to the option screen. The button is located at the bottom left of the
PIT STOP: When the flag is black you should take a pit stop. Pull over
and stop next to the pit crew man. You will get your damage repaired and
a full tank of fuel. If you miss the pit stop area, stop and back up.

DASH The far left dial is your fuel indicator. If the red light blinks,
take a pit stop to get additional fuel.

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