Candystand Tennis



Play Candystand Tennis

You’re on center
court for a three-set tennis match against a world class competitor. (Actually
the computer) This is a sport of power and finesse and you’ll need both
to win Game, Set and Match.

How to Play
Click on the gray
to choose a player.

The mouse controls both the player and direction of the ball into
the far court.

Serving: Click and hold on your player. Draw back on mouse while
holding button to toss the ball into the air. Fling mouse forward and
release button to swing racket forward and hit the ball. The speed and
direction of the fling when button is released determines speed and direction
of serve.

Receiving: Click on your player to receive a serve.

Hitting the Ball: Position your player near the ball as it returns
and he/she will automatically swing at the ball.

Extra Power
: To hit the ball harder, but with less accuracy, press
SHIFT when hitting the ball.

Lob: Press CTRL to lob ball over your opponent.

As with real tennis, keep your opponent off balance by mixing up your
Hit a big serve (by pressing SHIFT) and the radar gun will tell you how
fast it really was.

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